• Joan Rothchild Hardin

Health Benefits Of Raw Milks & Raw Milk Cheeses

In anticipation of my annual Thanksgiving feast last November, I was at the Union Square Greenmarket in New York City sampling cheeses from a farm called Consider Bardwell Farm.   The cheeses tasted like real food, alive with probiotics and free from toxic stuff. All the cheeses from this farm in Vermont are hand made from the raw milk of pasture-raised cows and goats. The vendor was saying how misguided it is for doctors to tell pregnant women to avoid raw milk in any form when pregnant woman especially need all the probiotics they can get to produce healthy babies.

I couldn’t agree more and decided to do some research on how raw milk and raw milk products benefit our health and why they’re so hard to find in the US.


Raw milk is basically milk as it comes from the cow, goat, or sheep. It’s milk that has not been  PASTEURIZED or HOMOGENIZED.