• Joan Rothchild Hardin

Incremental Medicine + Functional Medicine = Good Medicine

Atul Gawande, MD

Photo by Aubrey Calo, photographer, Harvard School of Public Health

Atul Gawande is a surgeon and well regarded writer on public health issues. He was awarded the Lewis Thomas Prize for Writing about Science from The Rockefeller University in 2014. This Prize honors “the rare individual who bridges the worlds of science and the humanities — whose voice and vision can tell us about science’s aesthetic and philosophical dimensions, providing not merely new information but cause for reflection, even revelation.” (The Rockefeller University, 2014)

Gawande practices General and Endocrine Surgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and is a Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School as well as a Professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management at the Harvard School of Public Health.