• Joan Rothchild Hardin

How I Fixed Vertigo with a Tibetan Singing Bowl

The Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving I woke up with severe vertigo whenever I moved my head even a fraction of an inch and wondered how I’d be able to start cooking the feast promised for the next day. Symptoms included the sensation the room was spinning around, nausea, light-headedness, feeling I was about to fall over and exhaustion. The only thing that had ever resolved vertigo attacks in the past had been acupuncture – and relief had only come the day following the treatments.


“Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is caused by a problem in the inner ear. Tiny calcium “stones” inside your inner ear canals help you keep your balance. Normally, when you move a certain way, such as when you stand up or turn your head, these stones move around. Sometimes these stones move into an area of your inner ear called the semicircular canal. When you move your head in certain ways, the stones in the semicircular canal move. Sensors in the semicircular canal are triggered by the stones, which causes a feeling of dizziness.” (Michigan Medicine, 2019)

I mentioned the vertigo problem to a friend who told me about something called the Epley Maneuver that involves a series of head movements to shift crystals that have moved into the inner ear canal and cause the vertigo.