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Mind, Brain, Gut Connection – One Radio Network Interview 9/10/2019

I was invited by its host, Patrick Timpone, to be interviewed about the Mind, Brain, Gut Connection on his One Radio Network live talk radio show, Know the Source. Show topics focus on health, wealth and well being.

The interview took place the morning of September 10 2019 and turned out to be quite fun. He was also interested in my perspective as a clinical psychologist and we managed to wend our way into other topics as well.

Here’s a complete audio recording of my interview segment:

And here’s the show’s website:

Hardin, J.R. (2019). We’re not crazy. It’s all in our gut. Live Talk Radio from the Texas Hills. See:

Timpone, P. (2019). Know the Source. Live Talk Radio from the Texas Hills. See: © Copyright 2019. Joan Rothchild Hardin. All Rights Reserved.

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