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Our Microbiomes: An Exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History + The Micropia Museum

These ‘friends with benefits’ I’m referring to are the several  pounds of friendly bacteria and other micro-organisms that live in and on us and make us who we are. We couldn’t function without them. If you’re at all curious about what’s going on inside and on your body – especially all the recent talk about microbiomes, this exhibit in New York City and a museum in Amsterdam are for you. THE SECRET WORLD INSIDE YOU – AT THE AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY

The American Museum of Natural History in New York City currently has an interesting show called The Secret World Inside You (11/7/2015 – 8/14/2016). It’s well done and I recommend visiting the museum to see it if you possibly can. It’s suitable for everyone – young children to adults. The show, much of it interactive, explores the rapidly evolving knowledge about how our human bodies interact with the approximately 100 trillion bacteria living in and on us—our various microbiomes. New scientific discoveries are offering perspectives on how our microbes interact with our bodies (and each other) to regulate a wide range of health matters – including acne, allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases, brain evolution and development, cancer, cardiovascular health, diabetes, digestion, gut health, ‘leaky gut’, mood, obesity, oral health, ‘psychobiotics’ … and much more.

Here’s information on the show and how to reserve tickets, on the AMNH’s website. MICROPIA MUSEUM IN AMSTERDAM

If you happen to be in Amsterdam and want to learn more about microbes, you’re in for a treat: the innovative Micropia Museum. If you can’t get there, you can still watch some of their interesting videos.

The Micropia is dedicated to the imperceptible world of microorganisms.


Meet Your Companions “We are all constantly surrounded by – even covered in – microorganisms such as bacteria. But while many people harbour negative associations with the word ‘bacteria’, most of them are actually good for us, helping us, for example, to protect our body against outside influences. Microbes are the world’s smallest, yet most powerful organisms. At the innovative new Micropia museum, you can get acquainted with these invisible organisms. If you look at this world really closely, a new one opens up.” (Micropia, 2016) The Micropia Museum is part of Natura Artis Magistra, a zoo in central Amsterdam, and is recommended for ages 8 and upwards.

Here’s Micropia’s website for more information. Many thanks to Paul Toledano for bringing the Micropia Museum to my attention.



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DISCLAIMER:  Nothing on this site or blog is intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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Thanks for sharing about this interesting show! I know my PB8 probiotics and Saccharomyces Boulardii that I learned about from you help this vegan be healthier.


In reply to Sonnische


I’m sure you’d enjoy the AMNH’s microbiomes show & hope you get to see it. The section on gut bacteria & mood will interest the psychotherapist side of you.

Joan Hardin




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