• Joan Rothchild Hardin

Sign Petition to Obama for a National Food Policy

Sign the petition below telling President Obama it’s time to issue an executive order instituting a National Food Policy. What a legacy that would be. Our food supplies and Big Ag agriculture system are broken and making people, other animals, our waters and the whole environment sick. The Union of Concerned Scientists has repeatedly demonstrated the costs of diet-related disease, the environmental toll of industrial agriculture practices, and the iron grip corporate giants have on information about what we eat. Government agencies and policies have contributed to this disaster. So far, legislative attempts to improve the situation have been disjointed and frequently made the problems worse. Recently in The Washington Post, the Union of Concerned Scientists joined prominent food leaders Michael Pollan, Mark Bittman, and Olivier de Schutter in a call to President Obama. The editorial urges the President to do something bold and necessary: ISSUE AN EXECUTIVE ORDER ESTABLISHING A NATIONAL FOOD POLICY. This won’t happen overnight. But right now it can begin—with you, with  us acting in large numbers. Sign the petition today to tell President Obama that you want a National Food Policy that will transform our food system to ensure healthy, sustainably grown food for all.