• Joan Rothchild Hardin

You Lost All That Weight & Now It’s Back – With a Vengeance

Source: unknown

So distressing to find those pounds you laboriously managed to lose creeping back and bringing more of their unwanted friends along too. Here’s an explanation of why that happens and some hope from research on the gut microbiome.

It turns out that being obese alters the composition of micro-organisms residing in the gut microbiome, causing them to subvert any effort we make to keep lost weight off.  In fact, just the opposite happens: After living in an overweight body, our gut microbes ENCOURAGE the body to regain the lost weight by storing more calories as fat – perhaps an evolutionary mechanism to help us survive in times of famine. About 95% of us who lose up to a tenth of our body weight gain it back within 12 months – along with some additional pounds. (Healy, 2016)

New research at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel demonstrated that the composition of the gut microbiome has a great influence on post-dieting