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L. Glutamine for Gut Microbiome Health

Interested in improving your gut microbiome and your overall health at the same time? Here's important information about how to do that.

The amino acid L. glutamine (AKA glutamic acid) is a building block for making proteins in the body & a main component of the mucosal walls of the gut. It positively affects gut health by strengthening the integrity of the gut‘s mucosal wall, improving the gut microbiome and preventing chronic low-level inflammation in the body, which can lead over time to autoimmune diseases & conditions.

Most of the bacteria & other microbes in our GI tracts reside in the large intestine. The rest live in the small intestine & stomach.

The gut-brain connection, modulated by the vagus nerve via the enteric nervous system, affects the brain's neurochemical environment. 

The enteric nervous system, often referred to as the body’s SECOND BRAIN, is the largest & most complex part of the peripheral nervous system, with ~600 million neurons releasing a multitude of neurotransmitters to facilitate the motor, sensory, absorptive & secretory functions of the GI tract. 

The gut & the brain evolve from the same clump of fetal tissue. As the embryo develops, the brain grows on one end and the gut slides down to the opposite end. – but they’re still connected via the vagus nerves.

This connection is called the Gut-Brain Axis. Information moves both directions along this axis.

It’s the enteric tissue in the gut where our emotions happen. That information is then sent via the vagus nerve to the brain, where our language center puts words to our feelings. Gut feelings are real!


Poor gut health disrupts the balance of neurotransmitters, which can result in neuropsychiatric based conditions such as depression & anxiety.


Supplementing daily with L. glutamine also protects against infections & can prevent migraines.

This is the L. glutamine supplement I take daily. It's made by Designs for Health, a company making a wide range of high quality nutritional supplements. Having worked hard to restore my gut microbiome, I plan to take it daily for the rest of my life to keep it in good shape.

If the lining of your gut is already in bad shape and you have a Leaky Gut, it would be good to start with the powdered version of this supplement and perhaps switch to this capsuled version for greater convenience when your gut is no longer leaking.

There are now many L. glutamine products on the market, many of which are far less expensive than GI Revive but generally contain fewer gut restoring ingredients. If cost is a serious issue, you could try one of them.

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