• Joan Rothchild Hardin

Why Your Lymph System May Need Some TLC


Though I rarely get whatever viral thing is going around anymore, I was felled by a nasty virus (an adenovirus, I think) on January 13, exactly one week before Trump’s inauguration, and was quite ill with it for over a month. I called my virus “Donald Trump” since it seemed that fear and grief about his impending reign had weakened my immune system, allowing the virus to take hold. Then I took a two-week trip that unexpectedly involved a great deal of inactivity with little opportunity for exercise and came home with a garden variety cold. A whole lot of being inactive and sick for me.

At various times last week, I felt a strange kind of dull pain on my left side. In that lung? In the lower part of my heart? I couldn’t say exactly where it was located but it was something new and scary. So I mentioned it to my chiropractor when I saw her over the weekend. She did some lymphatic drainage massage in that area. My sinuses, which I’d thought had completely recovered from the two viruses, started draining, I immediately felt my energy improve, and the pain was gone.

Turns out, not surprisingly when I think about it, that the lymph had become stagnant on my left side (and probably elsewhere too) and she’d gotten it moving again. She reminded me that I know a bit about how to do lymphatic drainage on myself and recommended doing some daily. I’ve taken her advice.