• Joan Rothchild Hardin

How to Survive Days of High Heat, Humidity & Pollution


One evening earlier this week my body suddenly felt like its power grid was shutting down and I was going to faint. Fortunately I was sitting at my computer desk at the time.

New York City, along with much of the country, has been suffering through a prolonged heat wave with temperatures in the upper 90’s, high humidity, and ‘bad air’ alerts nearly every day.  Even a short while spent outdoors produces heavy sweating as the body tries to keep itself at a reasonable working temperature.

I’d been trying to stay hydrated but this scary experience made me realize I was probably dehydrated at the cellular level and needed to pay more attention to my electrolyte balance during this kind of weather.

So this is what I did – and will continue to do until the weather becomes more conducive to life: